Les Moulins Mahjoub
on your table.

Les Moulins Mahjoub products are distributed
in the USA by Rogers International LLC www.RogersIntl.com

 Since 1993, Les Moulins Mahjoub has had a special relationship with Le Pain Quotidien, a chain of old-fashioned style bakeries with restaurant service, the brainchild of chef Alain Coumont. www.painquotidien.com
In the USA, France, Italy and Belgium, Duabai, Libanon, Kuweit and...Les Moulins Mahjoub products are on the menu. They can also be purchased ‘to go’ at the counter.

    Les Moulins Mahjoub - 11 avenue Habib Bourguiba - 1130 Tebourba

Tél.& Fax + 216 1 885 512

 E-mail : info@MoulinsMahjoub.com