Extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing
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Olive oil

          The secret of Les Moulins Mahjoub olive oil lies in the choice of methods of grinding and pressing the fresh fruit, designed to preserve the full flavour of the olive: crushing time, grinding under cold conditions, use of scourtins (round pressing mats) in natural fibres, selection of oil according to pressing, decantation using a hand skimming process, storage and maturation.

           Les Moulins Mahjoub olive oil has two main original characteristics: genuine first cold pressing and hand decantation.
The oil mill has two sets of vertical presses, the first carrying out the most delicate pressing operation, called first cold pressing, for gastronomic quality oil.

    The oil is not then separated by centrifugation, but by natural decantation. As the oil is lighter, it floats to the top, above the vegetable water, enabling it to be skimmed off. Before bottling, the oil is left to settle and mature for some time until its flavour, odour and acidity are perfect.