Extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing
Spreads of Les Moulins Mahjoub
Gourmet foods of Les Moulins Mahjoub.
Gourmet foods

Les Moulins Mahjoub company has developed a range of products based on the traditional food preservation techniques of the Mediterranean.
Updated and scrupulously controlled, today's production techniques use the same two natural allies as they did in the past: extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, not forgetting … the sun.
The brand's spirit is also reflected in the extreme care taken with the visual aspect, the product's beauty being guaranteed by the omnipresent hands of the men and women behind this entirely traditional production process.
Natural eating olives
Sundried tomatoes

    Black olives
These small purplish black Sahli olives
melt in the mouth and have
an incomparably fresh taste, resulting from their preservation
in natural brine.

     Green olives - Lemon and Fennel
Preserved in brine flavoured
with lemon
and wild fennel, these Meski green olives
have a firm consistency, with an excellent flesh
to stone (pit) ratio.

     Tebourba olives - Harissa

This preparation, made to a recipe
exclusive to Les Moulins Mahjoub, combines olives matured in brine with
extra virgin olive oil and Tebourba Harissa. An incomparable
cocktail of flavours!

     Tebourba olives - Garlic & Mountain Herbs

Like the Harissa olives, these olives
with mountain herbs - flavoured with garlic - are first steeped in brine before being put into
extra virgin olive oil.

       Four elements are involved
in the drying of the tomatoes: the sun, air, salt and the human hand.
Picked at the height of their
maturity flavour-wise, Les Moulins Mahjoub sun-dried tomatoes are primarily distinguished by
the visual quality of a traditionally prepared product: carefully flattened slices neatly stacked in the jar and covered with
extra virgin olive oil.

       Everything is done to retain
the full flavour and crunchiness
of artichokes preserved in extra virgin olive oil.
They can be served as antipasti or used in a variety
of preparations, from
salads to stuffings.
Aubergines (Eggplant)
Thinly sliced, with
wild herbs and mountain capers, these
aubergines (eggplant) preserved
in extra virgin olive oil
are characterized by their crunchiness.
Ideal at aperitif time or as a
starter or appetizer, they can also be used to
decorate a pizza…
Mountain capers with sea salt
    Picked in their natural state
from caper shrubs - Capparis spinosa - on the Lansarine mountain, the wild capers are sorted
and then coated with sea salt.

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